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New Patient Exam

Everything you need to know about your first exam! We will complete the following below:

In order for us to make a thorough treatment plan we will need to take xrays of all your teeth which is called a full mouth series or FMX. Through these we can see any cavities and how far into the tooth it is.


In addition, we take whats called a panoramic xrays that gives an overview of the entire mouth and jaws including: all the teeth, the TMJ and the sinus cavity.


They are good at finding larger concerns like infections, impacted teeth, tumors, degenerative joint disease and cysts.


Taking photos of your teeth helps our doctors and clinicians establish a baseline for all of the dental conditions in your mouth.


We are able to monitor any recession or suspicious lesions that you may have in your mouth to discover if these conditions are getting better or worse.


This also helps in our treatment planning and allows  a better visual for you to see your teeth clearer.

Tooth Measurements

Perio charting is when we measure the gums around your teeth to assess what kind of cleaning you will need.


It helps our clinicians determine how your home care is and where you might have bone loss, inflamed gums, or what stage you are if you have gum disease.


There will be a lot of numbers being called for every tooth, but by the end we will go over the chart with you and let you know our findings. 

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